Here are a few example of custom solutions and initiatives we support on behalf of our customers

  • Financial Planning and Analysis - Budgeting

    Budgets are a type of formal business plan. All managers do some planning even if sometimes unwritten, especially in smaller organizations. For growing organizations and particularly in uncertain environments, a formalized budget allows a systematic rather than chaotic reaction to change. Budgets allow for business objectives to crystallize and provide a road-map that goes beyond the managers' daily brush fires.

    Budgets also permit the interpretation of results after the fact.

    We specialize in assisting with the formalization of the planning process, the detailed preparation of historical data, the formalization of the final budget (related scenario planning, premises, hypotheses, probabilities). We also help our customers with the ongoing Plan vs Actuals analysis and detailed gap variance analysis. What products, what customers and pricing changes or other variables are favourable or unfavourable to meeting budget. 

    And of course all reports are up-to-date and available on a browser near you.

  • Financial Planning and Analysis - Forecasting

    We use sales forecasts versions as predictions of future levels of sales under various conditions and for different segments. We assist sales teams with the preparation, formalization and upload of sales forecasts. We compare incoming historical actuals with the latest updated forecasts and publish detailed insights into latest variances on a daily basis. We differentiate between conservative and optimistic versions, between operational and financial sales forecasts, between volume and dollar amounts and many more variables for a detailed understanding of latest economic events. 

  • Variance Analysis

    We assist clients in administering and running live comparisons between actuals, budgets, and various versions of forecasts to identify, isolate and understand favourable and unfavourable variances. The ongoing management and monitoring of rolling forecasts allow managers to understand how far out in the future can be forecasted at what levels of accuracy. As this process improves, sales, procurement and other organizational functions can adjust and improve accordingly.  

  • Projects and Activity Based Costing

    The identification, administration and management of data around cost drivers - both for job- and process-costing - is a key element in our daily work. The manual or automated allocation of costs to such designated cost drivers allows management to monitor the success of various projects or production steps on an ongoing basis. 

  • Custom Pricing & Discount Management

    We manage a large series of customized price lists along with special rebates and discounts applicable depending on various complex conditions. We compute, re-compute, verify calculation of sales levels after various price concessions at different levels of "net sales". Prices and related price concessions are applied based on individual timelines as applicable and are administered on an ongoing basis. Scenario planning - where prices are changed temporarlly to understand impacts - are also custom built and available for planning purposes.

  • Custom Advanced Inventory System and W.I.P. Tracking

    We developed custom solutions around the allocation of costs from inventory to work-in-progress items for the understanding and monitoring of costs during production runs. Changes to input variables and timing are reflected and published timely for an understanding of the organizations' overall economics. 

  • Custom Customer Master Management

    The full spectrum of details related to one's customers and prospects can become complex and highly specialized at times, beyond the regular capabilities of a CRM. Customer transactions, customer duplicates as well as many other factors such as customer wishes, orders, pricing, contractual obligations etc. require customized solutions for database administration and data management.   





Our Locations


Our offices are located in Toronto, Canada and Bucharest Romania along with several partners in the United States of America. 

Nonetheless, we are always online and a click away from a video conference with your team.

Our Vision

visionAchieve High-End Business Intelligence for SMBs
Assist small teams with the importing, administration, rendering and interpretation of data.

visionOngoing forward looking FP&A Support for SMBs
Back-Office Data Management Support for Finance, Accounting Sales and Operations Teams