Our Services

At BRICKBASE we focus exclusively on being the trusted partner of choice regarding the administation of data and rendering management reports for our small- and medium-sized customers. We administer financial- and management-reporting data in the cloud. We customize reporting engines and run day-to-day data management operations on behalf of our customers.


Cloud Setup

Based on size, industry, team members specifics, and other individual requirements, we setup a secure Intranet-like Cloud Environment tailored to support your current environment. User access roles and profiles are defined and deployed so that access is available as intended from a Browser near you. Workflows and data sets are understood, documented and the new environment is customized accordingly.


Data Intake

In addition to your established financial and operational applications, most likely there are critical spreadsheets and other data repositories that describe the organization’s activities. Systems often don’t talk to each other and data is not aggregated. We import all relevant data in all formats with ease and help visualize a holistic picture.


Define Workflows

There is no high-performance without repetition. We learn what periodic repetitive steps define your critical processes and prepare and schedule data updates and report updates accordingly. We assist in training your team in managing data and related processes and how to setup early warning and other trigger alerts.


Reporting & Support

We are always online and one click away. We respond rapidly and perform and deploy changes as required. If data structures require updates or reports must be re-designed, we respond as needed on an ongoing basis.

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”


  • A World of Better Run Businesses

    We want to see and contribute to a world filled with better run businesses due to better data management and improved business intelligence.

  • Do What You Do Best And We'll Do The Rest

    We want to enable Small Business Owners to benefit from specialized data management and business intelligence support services in a revolutionary manner in line with our digital and collaborative world today.

  • Built To Last

    State the Truth, Be Transparent, Don't Abdicate, Build To Last  

Our Locations


Our offices are located in Toronto, Canada and Bucharest Romania along with several partners in the United States of America. 

Nonetheless, we are always online and a click away from a video conference with your team.

Our Vision

visionAchieve High-End Business Intelligence for SMBs
Assist small teams with the importing, administration, rendering and interpretation of data.

visionOngoing forward looking FP&A Support for SMBs
Back-Office Data Management Support for Finance, Accounting Sales and Operations Teams