In all likelihhod most efforts within an organization will fall into one of the following categories. Below you will find some rudimentary examples of how we visualize the data we administer - for a full demo, please contact us. 
Connect with us to see how our work would apply to your metrics and monitoring efforts

  • Operating Margin

    • Selling, General & Administrative

      • Improve Customer Interaction Efficiency
      • Improve Corporate Services Efficiency

      High Level Overview

    • Income Taxes

      • Improve Income Tax Efficiency

  • Asset Efficiency

    • Property, Plant & Equipment (PP&E)

      • Improve PP&E Efficiency

    • Inventory

      • Improve Inventory Efficiency

    • Receivables & Payables

      • Improve Receivables & Payables Efficiency

And of course all reports are up-to-date and available on a browser near you.

Our Locations


Our offices are located in Toronto, Canada and Bucharest Romania along with several partners in the United States of America. 

Nonetheless, we are always online and a click away from a video conference with your team.

Our Vision

visionAchieve High-End Business Intelligence for SMBs
Assist small teams with the importing, administration, rendering and interpretation of data.

visionOngoing forward looking FP&A Support for SMBs
Back-Office Data Management Support for Finance, Accounting Sales and Operations Teams